Aimee Hardy is a 6th-year Secondary ELA teacher. She has taught Secondary and Post-Secondary English in Hawaii, Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama. She has her Master of Art in English and her Bachelor of Art in English from National University. She is published professionally for her creative writing in anthologies and literary magazines. Additionally, she has given professional presentations for Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ Digital Summit 2018, NTCE 2019 Annual Convention, NCTE 2020 Annual Convention, and other district and school-wide professional development sessions. Her work focuses on engaging students and empowering them to use their voice in order to create a positive change. She currently teaches at Pinson Valley High School and is involved with the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Red Mountain Writing Project. She loves technology and incorporating new ways of playing with language so that students grow in their practice. Her teaching philosophy focuses on engaging students and empowering them to be lifelong learners.

  • NCTE 2021 Proposal: Teaching Through Trauma
    • Attendees will leave the session with trauma-informed exercises, text sets, and assessment ideas. They will be able to engage in some of the lessons themselves to see first-hand the power of language. Additionally, teachers will receive tips that they can use to restore their own spirit throughout the year through writing prompts, reflection practice, and community-building ideas. With these tools, teachers will be able to take care of themselves and their students in order to create an equitable classroom and a positive change for the future. 
  • NCTE 2021 Proposal: Harnessing the Heart of the Humanities
    • What does an English Language Arts curriculum look like that empowers student voice and identity? Presenters will discuss research regarding standards-based assessments and grading in ELA, adolescent executive functioning, and authentic project-based artifacts that affirm identity and anti-racist action. Each presenter will discuss how in her classroom, the four target areas of ELA instruction are drawn together to help students understand that humanities work permeates other disciplines and gives them the tools they need to communicate their ideas to a larger community in order to create positive change.
  • NCTE 2020 Presentation: Show Me the Mastery: An Evidence-Based Approach to Standards Mastery and Authentic  Learning
    • Humanities studies—a confluence of reading, discussion, and language—can be stagnated by too much discrete skills practice. Imagine students writing and revising every day, mastering skills in context. Come learn how two teachers made space for authentic humanities work by replacing all previously graded assignments with 6 standards-aligned learning artifacts.
  • NCTE 2019 Presentation: Augmented English
    • Cite. Infer. Synthesize. Annotate. In ELA classrooms, skills acquisition coated in empathy and respect is the goal. Teachdes seek to improve reading comprehension and critical reader responses. Skill and drill practices (alone), though, lack relevance and dilute the complex mental work of engaging with literary works. They can have a side effect of containing student curiosity. The question: how can the ELA curriculum create space for creative, higher-level, student-driven thought? Our answer: Augmented English, using digital tools and student ownership models to foster critical thinking and curiosity. Our presentation will focus on creating and interactive experience for students.
  • Virginia Beach City Public School’s Technology Conference 2018: Are You Serial? Using Podcasts in the ELA Classroom
    • Podcasts provide a mixture of relevant audio and written experiences for students in the secondary classroom. They give students the opportunity to play with current issues while giving them resources to parse through and examples of excellent rhetoric for a variety of purposes. Once students understand the elements of rhetoric, they can then use these tools to write and produce quality arguments of their own.

*Additionally, Aimee often records “Daily Writes” and other mini-PD sessions posted to her social media pages linked below.

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